Delta-8 + CBN Blueberry Tincture


Indulge in the vibrant fusion of nature and relaxation with our Blueberry Flavored CBD and CBN Tincture, a meticulously crafted elixir from the heart of Southern Oregon. Immerse yourself in the sweet and tangy notes of blueberry, harmonizing seamlessly with the powerful blend of 1700mg CBD and CBN.

Sourced from the fertile soils of Southern Oregon, our tincture is a testament to the region’s commitment to quality. Each drop encapsulates the therapeutic benefits of CBD and CBN, carefully extracted to ensure purity and potency. The 1700mg concentration makes it a robust choice for those seeking a heightened sense of calm and well-being.

CBD, renowned for its relaxing properties, partners with CBN, known for its potential sleep-inducing effects, creating a dynamic duo to support your overall wellness. This carefully balanced formula is designed to help you unwind, providing a natural solution for stress relief and restful nights.

Crafted with a commitment to quality and purity, our tincture is free from additives and artificial preservatives. The blueberry flavoring is derived from natural sources, enhancing the overall experience without compromising on authenticity. Each dropperful is a burst of flavor that transforms your daily routine into a delightful moment of self-care.

Whether you’re new to CBD and CBN or a seasoned enthusiast, our Blueberry Flavored Tincture offers a versatile and enjoyable way to incorporate cannabinoids into your wellness regimen. Take a journey to relaxation with the essence of Southern Oregon encapsulated in every bottle.

Elevate your well-being with the natural goodness of our Blueberry Flavored CBD and CBN Tincture. Embrace the tranquility of Southern Oregon and savor the delicious fusion of blueberry sweetness and potent cannabinoids. Make each drop count on your path to a more relaxed and balanced life.

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